We believe the best prize you’ll receive is better health—but earning some amazing prizes along the way doesn’t hurt! We’d love to reward you, but we’ll need you to share your results with us. Update your results to win the big prizes, but don’t forget to register when you lose your first 9 pounds —Update your results to win big prizes!

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Track your weekly success (inches and pounds) and send your “After” information (inches and pounds lost, testimonial) at the end of each challenge. There are four challenges per year – join any of them and stay on as long as you need.

Did you lose 9 pounds?

Losing 9lbs is a great achievement – and we want to help you celebrate! For every 9lbs you lose during this Better Health Challenge, Youngevity will award you with $9 in store credit!** All you need to do is fill out the details in the “Join” section and include a before photo and current photo. Congratulations on every pound lost!

9.0 Achievers

Healthy changes mean a healthier life, and you’re well on your way with your 9.0 lb weight loss (or more!). Congratulations on this healthy achievement — keep going! Better health is the real prize, but we’re rewarding all the people on the list with a $9 product credit!

DateYoungevity IDName
12/31/2019L15843Gina Jackson
12/31/2019L15502Sue Palenske
12/29/2018101232238Holly Steiner
12/09/2019101610509Amy Crouse
12/01/2020101875823Caroline Powell
10/22/2019101610509Amy Crouse
10/15/2020102390130Kris Johnson
10/08/2019101078893Jennefer Payne
10/07/2019101084861Dawn Rubin
09/21/2020102469302Angela Cooney
07/19/2018101248493Sandra Charlton
06/14/2018100975078Paul Kroto
05/15/2019102267952Karen Orr
05/07/2019101372561Karen Staatz
04/30/2019101997047Debbie Adams
04/29/2020101610509Amy Crouse
04/25/2018102132614Tracey Walker
04/20/2018101989705vicky anderson
04/15/2018101465844Elizabeth Thelma Underwood
04/13/2018101249972Barlet Wilbert
04/13/2018101315277Jan Musson
04/08/2021102521221Stephanie Banning
04/03/2020102369722Mary Coker
04/02/2020101234939Jeanette Granger
04/02/2020101234939Jeanette Granger
04/02/2020101234939Jeanette Granger
04/02/2020101234939Jeanette Granger
04/02/2018101688225Nancy Modlin
04/01/2020101231951Cindy Mahar
03/31/2020101190594Teresa Pulley
03/31/2020101848575Rebecca Kozak
03/31/2020101086686Stephen Blackburn
03/29/2018101700144Stella Beech
03/17/2018101766266Christine Barron
03/12/2018101086686Steve Blackburn
03/10/2018101469110Varina Lipscomb
03/08/2018101219613Kathy Naids
03/01/2018102075105Russell Williams
03/01/2018101557137Jeff berg
03/01/2018101231150Kay Todd
02/28/2018100759377Naseema Omer
02/28/2018JswilliamsJamie williams
02/25/2020101616639Rachel Moyer
02/24/2020101223577Shirley Rodgers
02/22/2018101943988Chantelle Marie Buhre
02/12/2018101576014Cheryl Welsh
02/08/2020101610509Amy Crouse
02/08/2019101568153Nikki Sindorf
02/08/2018101782192Kelsey Britton
02/08/2018101491209Ronda Schram
02/07/20191089717Karen Kenmare-Stewart
02/07/2018101860603Laura Kerr
02/06/2018101127794Lisa Rhea
02/05/2019101717386Colleen Walters
02/05/2019102123399Allison Johnston
02/02/2019101916958Sheyenne Kreamer
02/02/2018101223574Mindy Catlett
01/31/2018101912627Dee Weidner
01/26/2019101223577Shirley Rodgers
01/25/2020101292358Mindy Fellows
01/20/2019102242113Shanisha Carouthers
01/20/2019101474856Susie Kohnen
01/18/2020101124019Jennifer Cook
01/14/2020101127956Roceta Jo S Gonzales
01/14/2019101718237Lisha Thompson
01/13/2019101313963Jodi Ellis

$9 product credit will be added to your account. Please contact customer service to redeem when you are placing your next order!

Join the 9.0 Club

Register your 9 lb weight loss for $9 credit

  • *Please be advised, by submitting your photo, Youngevity may choose to use your photo and testimony for marketing and social media material.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg, pdf, Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 50 MB.


Send us your “I Will” video as part of your submission with a simple click from your phone. Each video should be no more than 2 minutes in length, and should be shot so it shows you from head to knees (or feet). In the video make sure you tell us your name, and why you want to join the challenge. Be sure to say your weight loss goals, and your “I will”. For example – “My name is Jenny Smith. I will lose 10 lbs with this Better Health Challenge because I want to have more energy go play with my kids. Make sure you also include in the video a shot of your feet on the scale, so that it shows us your current weight, we won’t share this with anyone, we just need it for verification of your start weight. Capturing your before video including your goals, and starting weight will help make your accomplishment all the more satisfying. This is all about your goals. You can!…and you WILL.

Before & After Photos

In order to qualify for judging, you must submit four before and four after photos.  If you miss the deadlines for any reason, please email [email protected] for more information.

Please follow the instructions below for best results:

  • Full-body photos must be taken in the upright position
  • Before photos must be taken and uploaded within two weeks, before your start date.
  • After photos must be taken and uploaded within two weeks, after your Challenge end date.
  • High-quality photos (300 dpi) are recommended
  • Photos must be 2 MB or smaller
  • Take the photos using a white or light-colored solid backdrop for optimal visibility
  • To show start date, include a visible newspaper or headline in the photo