Teamwork makes the dream work…that phrase was never so true as in a weight loss challenge! While your team can’t do the work for you, what they can do is motivate, inspire, share tips and tricks, cheer you on and help keep you on track. Below is a list of the teams for Cycle One of the 2019 Better Health Challenge!
Go teams!

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Freedom Network (1 Members) +

Jayson Garcia (Captain - Participating)

Jayson Garcia

Team Healthy and Happy (3 Members) +

Larissa Carrus (Captain - Not Participating)

Larissa Carrus

Larissa Carrus


ShedMyWeight (2 Members) +

Maceo Powell (Captain - Participating)

Maceo Powell

Maceo Powell

Healthy Sharp Shooters (4 Members) +

Lany Sharp (Captain - Participating)

Theresa Luce

Tom Sharp

Elizabeth Lee

Lany Sharp

TEAM CHEW MEE (5 Members) +

Shena Dixon Mason (Captain - Participating)

Jennifer Frederick

Donna Ewins

Judy Williamson

Reina Mason

Shena Dixon Mason

Dropping Double Digits (3 Members) +

Denise Dougherty (Captain - Not Participating)

Kevin Moyer

Glenda Moyer

Denise Dougherty

Synergy Orange (1 Members) +

Leanne Hovey (Captain - Participating)

Leanne Hovey

Synergy Inspirations Team (5 Members) +

Colleen Walters (Captain - Not Participating)

Debbie Adams

Tina Jenner

Tina Jenner

Debbie Adams

Telma Andel

Synergy Achievers (5 Members) +

Colleen Walters (Captain - Not Participating)

Karen Orr

Maggie Zemek

Judy Campbell

Darlene Sollitt

Maggie Zemek

Synergistic Effects (8 Members) +

Colleen Walters (Captain - Not Participating)

Matt Saunderson

Allison Johnston

Kelli Saunderson

Kelli Saunderson

Kelli Saunderson



Kelli Saunderson

Abundance Team Going Light (12 Members) +

Debbie Wetzel (Captain - Participating)

Joan Hoffman

Debbie Wetzel









Boss Squad – Q2 (3 Members) +

Kirsty Flugge (Captain - Participating)

Juana Paynter

Linda Morris

Kirsty Flugge

Challengers (3 Members) +

Erika Sylliaasen (Captain - Participating)

Crystal Cook

Kathy Vogel

Erika Sylliaasen

Dogmatic (3 Members) +

Greg Anthony (Captain - Not Participating)

Mary Jane Vega-Anthony

Susie Kohen

Tiffany Wortman

Downunder Dynamites (5 Members) +

Colleen Walters (Captain - Not Participating)

Jennifer Richardson

Julie Redhi

Laura Kerr

Olivia Cannard

Colleen Walters

Drop It Like It’s Hot! (3 Members) +

Evelyn Avila (Captain - Not Participating)

Elias Avila

Natasha Parra

Evelyn Avila

Finally Fit For Life (1 Members) +

Gary Luke (Captain - Participating)

Gary Luke

Keto Queens (5 Members) +

Shelly Davis (Captain - Not Participating)

Dee Weidner

Jeannette Granger

Robin Johnson

Shirley Rodgers

Shelly Davis

Lifestyle Changers (4 Members) +

Erika Sylliaasen (Captain - Participating)

Doreen Trammell

Judy Hoppe

Kyle Hoppe

Megan Crowe

No Excuses (5 Members) +

Scott Decator (Captain - Not Participating)

Brenda Peterson

Colleen Gokey

Randy Peterson

Scott Decator


Orange Synergy (3 Members) +

Colleen Walters (Captain - Not Participating)

Sue McInnes

Susie Patey

Tom McInnes

Scales better health (5 Members) +

Wilbert Scales (Captain - Participating)

Charles Scales

James Scales

Mae Ella Hudson

Teresa Smith

Wilbert Scales