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Teamwork makes the dream work…that phrase was never so true as in a weight loss challenge! While your team can’t do the work for you, what they can do is motivate, inspire, share tips and tricks, cheer you on and help keep you on track. Below is a list of the teams for Cycle One of the 2019 Better Health Challenge!
Go teams!

Select a team to view its captain and members!

Do it 4 U (1 Members) +

Kelly Bell (Captain - Participating)

Resolution 2020 (1 Members) +

Java Kruse (Captain - Participating)


Scott Mora (Captain - Participating)

Bonbon Seven

Heather Freeze

Better Us! (1 Members) +

Kara Hinton (Captain - Participating)

Bloomers & Shakers (1 Members) +

Christie Lambert (Captain - Participating)

Beauty From The Inside Out (3 Members) +

Karen Hammond Better Naturally (Captain - Participating)

Michelle Green

Sasha Koenitz

Milenials Cuauhtemoc (4 Members) +

Adriana Garcia (Captain - Not Participating)

Pamela Prieto

Dilan Garcia

Karla Majalca

I CAN (1 Members) +

Mary Nichols (Captain - Not Participating)

BeTheChange (1 Members) +

Housel Cindy (Captain - Participating)

Step by step (3 Members) +

Sam y Ana Magana (Captain - Not Participating)

Juan Aguayo

Cristina Aguayo

The Bombshells & Bombers (1 Members) +

Kristina Tucker (Captain - Participating)

Healthy Spartans (3 Members) +

Evelia Arriaza (Captain - Participating)

Amanda Gonzalez


Naturally Inspired Advocates (2 Members) +

Tammy Garcia (Captain - Participating)

Jayson Garcia

Denim Dolls (2 Members) +

Lisa Dotson (Captain - Participating)

Debra Johnson

Skinny Jeans Again (3 Members) +

Karen Bradford (Captain - Participating)

Elyze Davis

LaToya Manning

Aroma Girls Too (4 Members) +

Shirley Rodgers (Captain - Not Participating)

Jeanette Granger

Mary Ellen Raines

Robin Johnson

RInos west texaas (4 Members) +

isabel becerra (Captain - Participating)

Lilia Beman

Erolinda Samaniego

Miriam Rodriguez

Synergistic Health Explosion (5 Members) +

Rebecca Kozak (Captain - Participating)

Linda Olson

Lori Greer

Patricia Bozeman

Luis Flores

Go Rinos (5 Members) +

Lorenzo Rodriguez (Captain - Participating)

Juana Campos

Ariadna Rodriguez

Claudia Baldenebro

Osvaldo Gomez

West Texas (4 Members) +

Isabel Becerra (Captain - Participating)

Lilia Beman

Erolinda Samaniego

Miriam Rodriguez

HOPE (5 Members) +

Reginald Widgeon (Captain - Not Participating)

Eloise Widgeon

Kirk Johnson

Patricia Stevens

Robyn Johnson

Kansas Keto Sisters (4 Members) +

Shelly Davis (Captain - Participating)

Amy Crouse

Sue Palenske

Gina Jackson

Lighten Up (5 Members) +

Ardyth Parrick (Captain - Not Participating)

Brenda Peterson

Randy Peterson

Zoe Seats

Angela Seats

Aroma Girls (4 Members) +

Shirley Rodgers (Captain - Participating)

Leiann King

Mary Foor

Larrikin Allred

Ideal Weight Club (5 Members) +

Sheyenne Kreamer (Captain - Not Participating)

Kimberly Catiller

Darlene Sartore

John Sterling

Debra Sterling

san diego champions (4 Members) +

dolores Valdivia (Captain - Participating)

martin valdivia

krisselle valdivia

jahirsinio gutierrez

FitnessFanatics (4 Members) +

Juan pablo Arias resendiz (Captain - Participating)

Delia Alarcon

Delia Alarcon

Sandra Gutierrez

Loveoutloud (1 Members) +

Russell Williams (Captain - Not Participating)

Midwest Impact (1 Members) +

Holly Steiner (Captain - Not Participating)

Newglow4u (1 Members) +

Shirley Horvat (Captain - Not Participating)

Abundant Health (2 Members) +

Edna Yates (Captain - Participating)

Toddy Jadoo

Catalyst Couples (5 Members) +

Barbara Windsor (Captain - Participating)

Brian Blakeslee

Bonnie Tom

Bonnie Tom

Greg Tom

Heavenly Hotties (4 Members) +

Dawn Rubin (Captain - Participating)

Jennefer Payne

Lindsey Steele

Donna Brooks

BODY IMAGE (2 Members) +

Deborah McCrary (Captain - Not Participating)

Carol Price

TEX’S ANGELS (4 Members) +

Greg ANTHONY (Captain - Not Participating)

Tricia Carleton

Becky Franklin

Toddy Jadoo Stevens

Mary Jane Vega-Anthony

Team Genesis (1 Members) +

Leonor Peraza (Captain - Not Participating)

Goal Diggers II (1 Members) +

Jacqueline Clark (Captain - Not Participating)

Goal Diggers (4 Members) +

Jacqueline Clark (Captain - Participating)

Eunice De la peña

Jeana Richardson

Robin Jurevich

Golden Eagle Spartans (3 Members) +

Robert Gonzalez (Captain - Not Participating)

Claudia Padilla

Maria Padilla

Health Empowers (5 Members) +

Lisa Mitton (Captain - Not Participating)

Mary Beesley

Amy Parson

Brenda Dickinson

Samantha Dickinson

Skinny Jeans Again (3 Members) +

Martha D'Anna (Captain - Participating)

Nancy Gurney

Bett Hines

I FEEL GOOD (3 Members) +

Bernard Nious (Captain - Not Participating)

Bernard Nious

Albert Taylor

Willie Pelt

Shelton (1 Members) +

################ ################ (Captain - Participating)

Synergy The 3rd (3 Members) +

Allison Johnston (Captain - Not Participating)

Joanie Reiss

Joan Knox

Synergistic Effects (3 Members) +

Colleen Walters (Captain - Not Participating)

Matt Saunderson

Kelli Saunderson

Team Healthy And Happy 2 (1 Members) +

Larissa Carrus (Captain - Not Participating)

FREEDOM (2 Members) +

Abigail Hines (Captain - Participating)

Ann Hines

Healthy Sharp Shooters (4 Members) +

Lany Sharp (Captain - Participating)

Tom Sharp

Theresa Luce

Elizabeth Lee

Freedom Network (1 Members) +

Jayson Garcia (Captain - Participating)

Team Healthy and Happy (5 Members) +

Larissa Carrus (Captain - Not Participating)

Larissa Carrus

Jodie Mitchell

Jo Robbs

Corallee Vimpani

ShedMyWeight (1 Members) +

Maceo Powell (Captain - Participating)

Healthy Sharp Shooters (4 Members) +

Lany Sharp (Captain - Participating)

Theresa Luce

Tom Sharp

Elizabeth Lee

TEAM CHEW MEE (5 Members) +

Shena Dixon Mason (Captain - Participating)

Jennifer Frederick

Donna Ewins

Judy Williamson

Reina Mason

Dropping Double Digits (3 Members) +

Denise Dougherty (Captain - Not Participating)

Kevin Moyer

Glenda Moyer

Synergy Orange (1 Members) +

Leanne Hovey (Captain - Participating)

Synergy Inspirations Team (4 Members) +

Colleen Walters (Captain - Not Participating)

Debbie Adams

Tina Jenner

Debbie Adams

Telma Andel

Synergy Achievers (4 Members) +

Colleen Walters (Captain - Not Participating)

Karen Orr

Maggie Zemek

Judy Campbell

Darlene Sollitt

Synergistic Effects (4 Members) +

Colleen Walters (Captain - Not Participating)

Matt Saunderson

Allison Johnston

Kelli Saunderson


Abundance Team Going Light (5 Members) +

Debbie Wetzel (Captain - Participating)

Joan Hoffman

Robyn Jihnson

Robyn Johnson

Chad Tittle

Boss Squad – Q2 (3 Members) +

Kirsty Flugge (Captain - Participating)

Juana Paynter

Linda Morris

Challengers (3 Members) +

Erika Sylliaasen (Captain - Participating)

Crystal Cook

Kathy Vogel

Dogmatic (3 Members) +

Greg Anthony (Captain - Not Participating)

Mary Jane Vega-Anthony

Susie Kohen

Tiffany Wortman

Downunder Dynamites (5 Members) +

Colleen Walters (Captain - Not Participating)

Jennifer Richardson

Julie Redhi

Laura Kerr

Olivia Cannard

Drop It Like It’s Hot! (3 Members) +

Evelyn Avila (Captain - Not Participating)

Elias Avila

Natasha Parra

Finally Fit For Life (1 Members) +

Gary Luke (Captain - Participating)

Keto Queens (5 Members) +

Shelly Davis (Captain - Not Participating)

Dee Weidner

Jeannette Granger

Robin Johnson

Shirley Rodgers

Lifestyle Changers (4 Members) +

Erika Sylliaasen (Captain - Participating)

Doreen Trammell

Judy Hoppe

Kyle Hoppe

Megan Crowe

No Excuses (4 Members) +

Scott Decator (Captain - Not Participating)

Brenda Peterson

Colleen Gokey

Randy Peterson

Orange Synergy (3 Members) +

Colleen Walters (Captain - Not Participating)

Sue McInnes

Susie Patey

Tom McInnes

Scales better health (5 Members) +

Wilbert Scales (Captain - Participating)

Charles Scales

James Scales

Mae Ella Hudson

Teresa Smith