A high-fat, moderate protein, low carb plan that gives you fast results, while leaving you full but satisfied. Supported for optimal results by our Slender FX™ Keto Caramel Bars, TrueKeto™ Strawberry Crème Shake, and Keto Power Up™.

Jennifer lost 70 lbs with the Keto-90 program.

Low carbohydrate consumption is the key element in all versions of the Ketogenic Diet. Specifically, you want to stay within 15-30 grams of “net” carbohydrates per day. It’s also important to note that most of the 15-30 grams will be contained in green vegetables, and the incidental carbohydrates that come from your fat and protein sources.

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Here are some sample recipes that fit within the KETO 90 plan. To receive more resources, including recipes and associated nutritional information like calorie count, as well as useful tips and tools. Download our 7-Day Meal Plan below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Keto 90 program?

A high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate program. By eating more healthy fats (like avocados, nuts, butter) you help put your body into fat-burning mode.

Example of a simple Ketogenic meal: a small amount of protein, some source of natural fats like butter, avocado, or nuts, and then carbohydrates in the form of green leafy and fibrous vegetables.


Most of us have high carbohydrate (55-75%), moderate fat (15-30%) diets. This program moves that to lower carbs (5-10%) and higher fat (70-75%). It’s different from high-protein, low-carb diets because of the moderate protein. The key element in all versions of the Ketogenic Diet is the amount of carbohydrates you should consume – you want to stay within 15-30 grams of “net” carbohydrates per day. It is important to note that most of the 15-30 grams will be contained in the green vegetables and the incidental carbohydrates that come from your fat and protein sources.

How long do I stay on this program?

The Keto 90 Program helps you burn fat for fast results. Many people successfully live a keto lifestyle, so feel free to follow this program for as long as you like. You can also stay on it as little as 4-6 weeks and then try our Wellness 90 Program to incorporate more healthy carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables

Why High Fat?

For decades, we’ve been told to eat low fat, and to eat more carbohydrates. This has led to weight gain and the growth of obesity. However, research is showing just the opposite effect when people consume healthy fats like olive oil alongside healthy carbs. One study by the National Institutes of Health analyzed the effects that a high-fat diet has on weight loss and heart disease risk. The researchers instructed participants to get a high amount of carbs from vegetables, and they told everyone to avoid trans fats.

In the low-fat group, participants had to keep their total fat intake below 7% of their daily calories. They could still eat breads and cereals, though. For the high-fat group, however, participants reduced the amount of carbs they were eating and did not avoid fats like meat and butter.

After one year of these protocols, researchers analyzed the health of participants in each group. They found that those who had reduced their fat intake had only lost an average four pounds. Participants who ate a high-fat diet actually lost twelve pounds, without counting calories.

Experts say the belief that high-fat diets are bad for arteries is based on faulty interpretation of scientific studies. Some western nations, such as Sweden, are now adopting dietary guidelines that encourage foods high in fat but low in carbs. Recent studies fail to show a link between saturated fat intake and risk of cardiovascular disease, with saturated fat actually found to be protective.

What products do I need on this program?

The Keto 90 product kit provides all the products you need to start this program.

  • Choose your Healthy Body Start Pak to ensure you get the 90 nutrients you need to thrive.
  • Your Keto 90 Kit includes our new TrueKeto Shake, Slender FX™ Keto Caramel™ Bars, Slender FX™ Keto Power Up™ (60 capsules), and our Ultimate™ Mineral Caps™.

What do I eat?

The Keto 90 Program provides a meal plan, and recipes that you can access once you sign up. It includes keto shake recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and recipes for meals like shrimp alfredo and bacon cheeseburgers, along with snacks, beverages and other choices. On this program, you eat three flavorful meals per day and also get your 90 essential nutrients from the Healthy Body Start Pak.

Download complete meal plans and recipes

Can I follow this program if I am pregnant or nursing?

We recommend speaking to a physician before trying this, or any weight loss program. Pregnant or nursing moms should not try to lose weight as the baby needs the calories.

If I have a medical condition, what do I do?

Please speak to your doctor before starting this, or any weight loss program.

How do I get enough nutrients on this program?

Get the vitamins, minerals, healthy omegas, and more with your Healthy Body Start Pak, and by following the recipes that provide the optimal low carb, high fat, moderate protein foods.

Do I need to exercise?

Exercise can help you burn more fat and build muscle, while improving how you look and feel. Before starting an exercise program, please speak with your medical professional.

How much weight will I lose?

Everyone is different, and the amount you will lose will depend on your age, activity level, and how faithfully you follow the program. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week, though on this program you may lose more in your first week or two as you consume fewer carbohydrates.

The key is that the “Challenge” can take as long as you need to reach your goal. Whether that is 90 days, six months, or more – you can join, enter, and keep joining and entering to celebrate each goal, each milestone, and your results along the way. It’s about embracing a healthy lifestyle, and living 90 For Life.


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Below you’ll find some downloadable resources to help you on your journey towards Better Health! You can track your nutrition and progress, get macronutrient values for a variety of food sources, and also learn more about the Keto 90 Lifestyle.

Keto 90 | The complete 7 day meal plan Resource

Keto 90 | The complete 7 day meal plan

Keto 90 | Daily nutrition log resource

Keto 90 | Daily Nutrition log

Keto 90 | daily Progress Log Resource

Keto 90 | Daily Progress log

Keto 90 | Good and bad foods resource

Keto 90 | Good and bad foods

Keto 90 | Tracking macros resource

Keto 90 | Tracking macros

Keto 90 | Great food choices

Keto 90 | Great food choices

Keto 90 | Lifestyle booklet resource

Keto 90 | Lifestyle booklet

Keto 90 | supplement recipes resource

Keto 90 | Supplement recipes

Team captain guide resource

Team captain guide

El plan de comidas keto 90 en español resource

El plan de comidas keto 90 en español

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