With obesity reaching epidemic proportions in many countries, related health issues have truly become a global problem. People in every corner of the world are struggling to keep their weight under control, and it’s negatively impacting their quality of life. Using our measured approach, you can safely and effectively shed those unwanted pounds, while achieving better overall wellness.

What Do We Mean By Measured Approach?

Specifically, healthy weight loss is about 1-2 pounds per week, which helps you reach your goals, while maintaining a nutritionally sound diet. And this is reflected in every aspect of the Better Health Challenge. From the 90 essential nutrients we all need, to weekly meal plans, to focusing on sleep and increasing daily movement you can feel good about our healthy approach to weight loss. 



Your Body Needs 90 Essential Nutrients

Youngevity’s core philosophies are based on the principles of co-founder, Dr. Joel Wallach, who’s dedicated his 40-year career to answering one crucial question: How can we live younger, longer? Through his life’s work, he discovered that true health and wellness is only possible if it radiates from a solid, fundamentally-sound center. Specifically, there is a core group of 90 essential nutrients that bring vibrant health to the human body’s complex and multi-dimensional systems.

Did You Know?

Your body only absorbs eight to 12 percent of what’s provided in most nutritional supplements. That’s approximately 90 percent of these products – along with your hard-earned money – down the drain!

Youngevity flips that entire equation on its head. With supplements that are 90 to 98 percent absorbable, our plant-derived minerals dramatically increase bioavailability (absorbability). We combine superior raw materials with state-of-the-art processing and production to ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs.


Learn about wellness products and the business opportunity that can enrich your life, personally and professionally.

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Better Together Since 1997

Through a combination of high-quality, innovative wellness products and a proven business opportunity, Youngevity is committed to helping its members and customers live healthier, more balanced lives. And that all starts with a company philosophy that has 90 essential nutrients at its core.

Since 1997, it’s been our mission to enlighten people just like you about our breakthrough approach to better health. By educating you with accurate information, and helping you take manageable steps towards your goals, you can make improvements to your life each and every day. And with a caring support system behind you, there’s every reason to believe your best times are always ahead.

Join The Better Health Challenge and discover how to live your best life today.

We can’t wait to see your results!




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Your Health and Wellness Coach

Sanjeev Javia specializes in nutrition and exercise interventions, with a client list that includes Super Bowl MVP’s, Stanley Cup Champions, World Series Hall of Famers, and Olympic Medalists. He has an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a Bio Psychology degree from the University of Michigan.

From product development and formulation, to creating and integrating strategies in international markets, Sanjeev wears many hats at Youngevity. But his primary focus is continually reinforcing the 90 For Life philosophy, all in an effort to help solve our greatest health concerns.

“My philosophy to health is pretty simple: do what you can, when you can, the best you can. Although our weight-loss plans are simple to follow, the results are powerful thanks to Dr. Wallach’s 90 essential nutrients.”

Sanjeev is also the founder/CEO of Javia Wellness Group and is a board member or partner in various health related organizations, such as SpeedFlex Training Systems, Like A Pro Inc., SuperFlex Fitness, DermSpectra Imaging, and Splash Beverage Group.