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Jennifer started the Keto 90 Program at 240lbs. After trying many other different diets, none of which ever worked, she joined the Better Health Now Challenge and followed the Keto 90 program. She now weighs 190lbs and is 30lbs away from her goal weight.

“The Keto90 lifestyle has become a way of life for me that I would never want to change. I truly believe that Keto 90 and the Youngevity products saved my life. This new way of life has given me more energy for myself and for my family. When I look back at my before pictures, I know I am not that person anymore. I also believe that knowledge is power. The more I learn about the foods I need to fuel my body that better I feel with each workout I do and I actually look forward to working out. Okay, not always but it makes it much easier to push through the hard stuff when you feel so much better on the inside.”


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At 52 years old, Varina looks and feels better than she has in a long time. A single mother of 8 children, one of which who is disabled, she’s had many hurdles in her path towards better health. Varina’s goals were to lose weight, be an inspiration to herself and others, look fit, and look better in a two piece bathing suit than she did before and in a few short months, that’s exactly what she’s accomplished.

“I am so excited to be below 140 it’s been years since I have been this small! I am staying on the Keto 90 Plan and Youngevity products for the rest of my life.”


Watch Dustin's Video

Dustin joined the Better Health Now Challenge with his wife Kelsey. In just a few months, they both transformed their health and achieved their weight loss goals.

“Since joining the Rev 90 challenge I have lost 34 pounds and 18inches. I work out of town a lot and this program was easy to take with me were ever I went. I love the suggested meal plans they really help get you started in the right direction. I haven’t been at this weight since high school 12 years ago.”


Watch Kelsey's Video

Kelsey’s goal was to lose the extra baby weight she had been carrying around from the birth of two children. Unable to lose the weight on her own over the last seven years, she joined the Better Health Now Challenge and reached her goals!

“I went from a size large in December to a size small in April! I am so excited to go into spring and summer with this leaner body! I feel confident in a swimsuit now which hasn’t been the case since my first child was born!”


Dave started his weight loss journey in January. Despite having a busy schedule that involved a lot of traveling, he has stuck to his plan and used the REV 90 group and his wife to keep him accountable.

“I have not fallen off my pledge to achieve better health along with all of YOU. I am down 22 lbs. and, although these results may not be expected or typical, I am certain I would not have arrived here without your encouragement and that of the Sunshine that continually shines in my life. I’m signed up for the rest of the challenge. It’s changed my life. I feel healthier. I feel better!”


When Anna began her weight loss journey she weighed 312 lbs. Before joining the challenge, she says she was a person who complained a lot about her situation and had low self-esteem. Today, she’s learned to live her life with a positive attitude and see the blessings that God gives her every day.

“Today I am a completely transformed person! I feel very happy because I have something that is priceless, something that neither money buys nor time returns – my health. I have learned to fall in love with the process of achieving my goal. I know I still have a way to go, but I know I’ll do it because I have grown spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.”


At the beginning of this challenge, it took me a while to incorporate any major physical exercise, the one thing I incorporated was the Rev 90. That has helped me lose over 18 pounds – with very little or no exercise. At the same time, this system has helped me get away from taking my medication. Although, I still have to take some medications, I only have to take it 3 times a week; where before it was 7 days a week.  I’m looking forward to the next few months as I begin to incorporate a more consistent physical exercise routine and continue my Rev 90. What I love about Rev 90 is that it is simple and has helped keep my cravings down while cutting back on sugary products.


When Sandra began the challenge, she weighed 210 lbs and was tired, overweight, achy, and grumpy. She knew it was time for a change when she joined the Better Health Now Challenge.

“No one else could do this for me. I started the Rev 90 Program on January 5th and by Valentine’s Day I had lost 24 pounds! I was so amazed and hooked! At the end of my 90-day commitment I had lost 31 pounds and over 17 inches. I maintained my weight loss for over a month. I am now committed to nourishing my body with the vitamins and fuel it truly needs. This plan works and has surpassed all my expectations. These days I look and feel so much better. I’m not nearly so achy and I am very proud of myself.”


When Duprice was 20 years old, he was in a car accident that left him with shattered bones that required major reconstructive surgery. Couple this damage to his skeletal and muscular system with a demanding job for the city water department, and Duprice was in much pain. He was has had a total of 7 surgeries over the years and was diagnoses with arthritis. His health changed dramatically when he was introduced to the Youngevity products.

“I first heard about the 90 Essentials Nutrients through a good friend of mine. I was previously taking GNC products to better my health. After researching the products, I started to take them and noticed a difference in 5 weeks. I added the Slender FX™ to the Healthy Body Start Pak™ and went from 243lbs down to 204lbs. I recently tried the 30 day Liverpure Detox to reboot my system and clean out all toxins and went from 220lbs down to 200lbs. I no longer deal with arthritis, weight issues or fatigue. I continue to see and sustain great health using Youngevity.”


Brenda started her weight loss journey with her husband Randy on September 11th, 2017. Together, they began their journey with the Keto 90 Plan and later switched to the REV 90 Plan. They found a plan that worked for their lifestyle and have both exceeded their original weight loss goals.

“Rev 90 was a game changer for me! I loved how simple the plan was to follow! I learned that being prepared with my meals and drinking more water were big keys to my success! I am so thankful for this journey and for the support of the Rev90 FB group! Randy and I did it and so can you!”


Randy began his weight loss journey with his wife Brenda on September 2017. Together they found the plan that worked for them and have both exceeded their goals. Randy lost over 70 inches and 44lbs by following the REV 90 Plan.

“I love REV 90! Being prepared is a new habit. You can do it and it works! Think about it, TOMORROW, you are going to want to eat! Simply prepare for that fact and have healthy choices with you so when you want to eat you have YOUR FOOD available! Youngevity products are truly amazing and I can’t imagine my life without them!”


Russell started this journey with a lot of skepticism. He shared that he wasn’t happy with what he was looking at in the mirror and often avoided taking pictures and knew he finally had to do something. He weighed 233 lbs when his products arrived and he began the REV 90 plan that included 90 For Life. He knew it wasn’t going to be easy after creating years of bad habits, but Russel knew it was time to choose differently; and replace bad habits with good ones.

“Within the first couple of weeks I saw a difference. Fast forward to day 35 and I weighed 208 lbs, and was 17.5 inches smaller! I am sleeping better, have more energy and overall, I am liking what I see. I know my results may not be typical. Just give yourself some grace when the scale isn’t going down each day, and just stick with the plan and amazing things will happen. I was also lucky enough to have an accountability partner (my wife) doing the plan with me.”

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