Changing your life starts with changing your lifestyle, and that’s what this challenge is really all about. Choose from three plans designed to give you sustainable results – all backed by the 90 essential nutrients you need to feel your best.

Once you choose a plan, simply order the kit and enroll. Now you’re eligible to win prizes, and even cash, just for losing weight and following your chosen program. Give it 90 days and see how good you can feel!

  • Overview
  • How to Enter
  • Prizes & Recognition
  • Dates & Timing
  • Team Challenge

Always Remember. . .
You’re Never Alone in This Journey

To begin with, Youngevity never leaves your side. Our long-term, measured approach means you always have the necessary support and resources to reach your daily goals. And remember, it’s that time of year when people everywhere are ready to lose weight and commit to healthier living. And it’s much easier to succeed, while having a whole lot of fun, when you participate with fellow Youngevity Members around the world.

It’s as easy as

Pick Your Program


Order Your Kit


Enter To Win


We can’t wait to see your results!

Join the Challenge

Enter to Win

Once you enter to win you’re eligible to win prizes, and even cash, just for losing weight and following your chosen plan. Give it 90 days and see how good you can feel!

It’s as easy as

Pick Your Program


Order Your Kit


Enter To Win


Winners & Prizes – Individual Challenge

Because this challenge can truly have a life-changing impact, everyone who sticks to their plan is ultimately a winner. See below for details on prizes and incentives for all participants, along with cash rewards for our Runner Ups and Grand Champions.


When you purchase your weight loss kit you’ll receive a Better Health Bracelet, a daily reminder to stay on track and stay in touch. Give it 90 days (or more) and get the results you’ve always wanted. For Distributors, it’s also a great conversation starter to help build your business.

9.0 Club

Lost nine pounds in a month? That’s quite an accomplishment, and you should feel proud! You can even earn a $9 store credit for sharing a current picture of yourself, along with your story, on Youngevity social media. But remember, you have to first enroll for the challenge to be recognized for the 9.0 Club.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience. Not only will your progress inspire others to reach their goals, it will also encourage support and conversation among fellow Challenge participants.


At the end of each of the three Challenge Cycles, Semifinalist winners will be selected and entered to win the Grand Champion prize. The top two Runner Ups will win $1,000. And our two Grand Champions will win $5,000 in cash, a photoshoot, and trip to Youngevity Corporate Headquarters in sunny San Diego, CA. All winners will be announced at Convention.

Enter to win a cycle or stay in more than one to finish your goal.

Cycle 4

Oct 15 – Dec 31

Semifinalists announced Jan. 15th 2019

Team Division

The Team Division offers a way for you and your group to participate together: support each other, lose weight and improve health together, and—win prizes together! Your team can be in your neighborhood or across the country—it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have a goal to lose weight and achieve better health, and a desire to help each other along the journey.


Who’s on your team?

Each team needs to be comprised of a Team Captain and up to four Team Participants. Captains can be excluded from the weight loss portion. They are there primarily to be your guide and encourager! They may have already achieved their weight loss and health goals—and that makes them a perfect Captain.


In addition to the rules for the individual challenge, the following rules apply to our Team Division:

Teams must be registered and locked in by the end of the first full week of each cycle.

Team Captain must be a Youngevity Distributor.

Teams will be judged on total % of team weight lost, and the team stories shared.

Teams will need to provide results (before and after photos, weight and measurements) for each member of the team prior to the end of each challenge.

There are four cycles each year (Jan-March, April-June, July to Sept, and Oct-Dec). Two Teams will be chosen as the semi-finalists for each cycle.

One Team will be chosen as the final champion at Youngevity Annual Convention.


Please read our rules and regulations carefully before joining the Better Health Challenge.

  • Requirements for Submissions
  • Rules and Regulations

Video (optional)

Send us your “I Will” video as part of your submission with a simple click from your phone. Each video should be no more than 2 minutes in length, and should be shot so it shows you from head to knees (or feet). In the video make sure you tell us your name, and why you want to join the challenge. Be sure to say your weight loss goals, and your “I will”. For example – “My name is Jenny Smith. I will lose 10 lbs with this Better Health Challenge because I want to have more energy to play with my kids”. Make sure you also include in the video a shot of your feet on the scale, so that it shows us your current weight, we won’t share this with anyone, we just need it for verification of your start weight. Capturing your before video including your goals, and starting weight will help make your accomplishment all the more satisfying. This is all about your goals. You can!…and you WILL.

Before & After Photos

In order to qualify for judging, you must submit four before and four after photos.  If you miss the deadlines for any reason, please email for more information.

Please follow the instructions below for best results:

  • Full-body photos must be taken in the upright position
  • Before photos must be taken and uploaded within two weeks before your start date.
  • After photos must be taken and uploaded within two weeks after your Challenge end date.
  • High-quality photos (300 dpi) are recommended
  • Photos must be 2 MB or smaller
  • Take the photos using a white or light-colored solid backdrop for optimal visibility
  • To show start date, include a visible newspaper or headline in the photo

Your “After” Story

When you succeed at something big, you can’t wait to tell the world! And sharing your after story will inspire others to achieve healthy weight loss, and encourage greater participation in the Better Health Challenge. Please submit your after story with your after photos, no more than two weeks after your challenge end date.

Topics for Discussion Include, but Aren’t Limited To:

  • Your challenge goals and how you achieved them
  • Why you entered the Challenge
  • How Youngevity products helped you
  • How you’ll motivate others to achieve success with Youngevity products


  • Must be in English
  • 250-500 words

Better Health Challenge: Rules and Regulations

You must have been on the program for at least 90 days. You can enter your updated results during any cycle to win. Winners subject to verification of being on the program and results. While kits are not required to enter to win, they do provide the nutritional support to achieve your goals. Semifinalists will be given free tickets to attend Convention. Does not include travel or hotel. Grand champions will be chosen at the Annual Event. Must be 18 or older to enter to win and an active Youngevity Distributor or Preferred Customer. You cannot be on another weight loss program.

Only participants who successfully fulfill all requirements of the Challenge will be considered for judging and prizes. A panel of unbiased judges, from the Youngevity Corporate Management Team, will select all winners. Each judge will score each contestant on a scale based on 50 percent from the after story and 50 percent from the “before” and “after” photos. All decisions are final.

The scores will be tabulated to give each contestant a cumulative score from each judge. The scores of these judges will then be combined to give each contestant a final score, which will be used to determine the winners.

A positive weight will be given to those that have completed a previous Challenge. The completion of a previous Challenge is not a requirement to be selected as a winner. If selected, Participants must maintain their success to the satisfaction of the judges to be eligible for consideration as a finalist.

Participants are also encouraged to submit other materials such as body fat analyses, lifestyle photos, and home videos to further supplement their after story and demonstrate their overall transformation. Judges will be notified if a Participant has submitted additional material and will have the opportunity to evaluate them if they choose to learn more.

ELIGIBILITY:  The Better Health Challenge (the “Contest”) is open to individuals eighteen years old at the time of entry.  Employees of Youngevity International, Inc., and other companies or organizations associated with the promotion of the Contest, and their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates and advertising and promotion agencies, as well as their immediate family members (spouses, parents, siblings, and children) and household members of each such employee, are not eligible.